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Successfully acquired, developed or sold over 12,000 lots as well as apartment, office, and retail projects.

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Highpointe Communities Inc.

Founded in 1997, we have successfully acquired, developed, managed or sold over 12,000 residential lots, apartment, office and retail projects throughout Southern California. In addition, by carefully structuring our business practices, we have been able to withstand fluctuations in the economic climate, and establish ourselves as a leader in stimulating and supporting our local economies in terms of jobs and housing which extends throughout the industry supply chain.

One of the most important aspects of our business model is our commitment to achieving excellence in the many facets of the community development process. We are sensitive to the needs and requirements of each element: neighboring communities, environmental advocates, governmental agencies, permitting agencies, utilities, homebuilders and finally homeowners. In doing so, we adhere to best business practices, fiduciary responsibility, disciplined project management and a strong code of ethics. These attributes, combined with our knowledge and discipline, are what have allowed us to create new opportunities for ourselves and our partners by earning the respect of our peers and clients within the real estate industry.

Highpointe Communities, Inc. is a real estate development firm specializing in the creation of a diverse range of real estate investment and development opportunities that will create successful, enduring communities. We possess the experience, expertise, commitment and discipline that will ensure successful end-to-end transactions and project management strategies to the following areas of the real estate industry:


Land Entitlement Process






Land Sale

(undeveloped to fully-graded, ready-to-build lots)


Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to apply our collective knowledge and experience together with a disciplined operating structure and working environment to acquire properties and create quality communities that will endure.